What hurts more?
Thinking you should hate him
or knowing that you don't.

Thursday, February 26, 2009
It's too bad & it's too late.
Was it such a big mistake?
You don't call me anymore
& I still miss you.

Raining cats & dogs now.
So damn cold. Super cosy for sleeping !
I seriously feel like going home and sleep :(
It's okay, 5 more weeks Angeline. You can do it.
& to the rest who are in this with me too !
We can do it right ? It's just five weeks !

Anw, while I was walking back, I got very drenched.
& It was so cold I swear I almost pee-ed okie. Omg.

Still luv the cold weather though :)

Ps , please have the courtesy to tell & credit me (whether I know you or not)
if you've taken anything or any 'inspiration' off my blog.
If not it is called ripping okie. >:@
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