Friday, March 13, 2009
Chances come and go,

I've had enough of these games.
I'm not going to let myself fall again.
I'm stronger then you think :)

Because to you, every girl is the same.
& I don't want to be just... another girl.


Jacq : hello chaotah, no more them never mind, we still get to meet.
i am with you remember? =D
Hello chaotah. Yup, luckily you're over here:)

Unnamed : am sorry for every thing
You are ? & Sorry for ?

Qin : wanyi what happen? where is that cheerful girl i used to know?
be strong ok?

Don't worry. I'm alright:)

Passerby : You and zr still together ?
If yes , then all the best . Both of you are a sweet couple . Last long (:

Nope, we broke up almost half a year ago.

Sherman: hey hope you still remember me when you see this msg my handphone
might need your help with my exam

Hey, sorry I couldn't help much :/

Mrruilong: Ahahas , hello bestie ! .
call me soon when it's not raining LOL !

Bestie ! Lol, I'll call you... soon !

Pb: saw uu a few times before . sometimes you look quite frendly
but sometime uu look very fierce . no offence to say that .

Lol, you saw me at?

Geri: You're pretty(:

Jiemin: gucci, mornings! i miss you alot. i hope you're here beside me now :'(
Morning to you too, gucci! I miss you alot too & I want you here as well :(

Passer: were you at dhoby? wearing red?

Eunhyukkie: tagged !~ boo guess who me ~ ;P
Nicholas right ? :)

Joyce: just a passerby here. nice blog you have here. takecare babe.

Passerby: What happened to your mom?!
She went for some operation on her eye.

Tracey: Hihihihihi, won't be late already luhhhhh.
I try my best to be quick quick!!!!! :D
You are late, again ! But ... I'm later :/

E SHI: hihi rmb me? takextracare
From amk sec right ? Take care too.

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