"Don't cry when the sun goes out of your life,
because your tears will prevent you from seeing the stars."

Friday, March 13, 2009
I'm so tired but I can't sleep.
Standing on the edge of something much too deep.
It's funny how I feel so much but can't say a word,
I'm screaming inside but I can't be heard.

Got permission from Uncle Raymond to go back to Gh at seven today
cos' mummy is undergoing an operation :(

Going to Dhoby Ghaut has become an everyday-lunch-time-must-go place.
Over to parklane with Tracey & Ranjitha to play pool during lunch break.
( So near, yet so far... )
Recieved a call & text that almost made me smile until my teeth drop :D
When you said you called as you wanted to hear my voice, I was overjoyed.
Though maybe it was just jokingly, it really made my day a whole lot better.

" I want to drink pao pao chaaaaaaaaa !!"
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