If there's nothing missing in her life,
then why do these tears come at night?

Saturday, March 7, 2009
I'll miss you guys,
Lim Jie Min,
Cecilia Liew Jia Yi, Cassandra Ang Ya Zhen, Chia Lee Ching,
Lee Yan Yi, Tabitha Wong Jie Jing & Junaide Terng Hui Min.

I've been moved to the opposite side of C'blk.
Which means, no more daily heart-to-heart talks with the girls, no more goodnight hugs & kisses, no more studying together with my sweethearts, no more throwing of slippers becos' someone is snoring or talking too loud, no more peeking at A'blk boys, no more gossiping sessions.

Sigh, everytime I think that I've been separated from all my sweet niblings,
my heart really aches :( Though, it's not like I won't ever see them again
but it's like they're already a part of me,
after spending almost two years doing almost every single thing together.

Well, just hope that I'll be able to adapt,
& get along with the people there ;)

Smile, Angeline, Smile ...
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