I wish I were as strong as
you think I am.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Angeline isn't feeling well,
Mentally & physically.

Didn't step out of the house this entire homeleave.
Except for going to the doctor's.

I've been reading the things you told me over and over again.
Although you made me feel like punching your face, I know you mean me good.
I know I promised to change, but it takes time.
I'm trying, but I just can't.
I guess you'll never understand what I am trying to say,
cause you've probably never been like this.

But still, thanks for wasting so much of your time
and typing me two full pages of nagging.:)
I know my blog has been getting really wordy & b o r i n g lately.
Apologize for the lack of pictures recently, cos' my phone's with Jiahui.
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