Saturday, March 21, 2009

Isabel: Angeline, I still can't figure out! -.- See you soon eh, :D
Haha, told you alrdddd :P

Js: little girl , heres your tag . my internet finally ok alr !
Yay, finally ! Thanks Jav.

Friend.: hi. do you know who is shaojun? how is he?
Yeah, I know who he is. I'm not in contact with him anymore.

Fiona: shangxin , imissyou !
I miss you toooooooo !

Leonard: LAOJIAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honwah: ok la i tag..but what to say?
Lol. Say something nice la !

Jiemin: you happy, i happy ;D

Bai: hello ! hahaha
Hello ! Haha.

Passer by: hey. your blogskin is cool. could you kindly give me the link too? thank yous.
Thanks, what link?

Tracey: Wahhhhh, post about my birthday siah. Wo zhen de hao gan dong! *Sniff* Hahaha, love you man! XOXO
Haha, you should be ! See you in school on mondayyyyyy !

Tzehui: Angeline! Get well soon alright.
Cecilia: baby , get well soon .

Jacq: hello chaotah, imy la. heard of your things le.
I miss you tooo.

Shine: I want to see you soon. Faster come bugis find me again.
Text me lor.
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