Why do people have to lose things
to find out what they really mean?

Thursday, March 26, 2009
Honwah: ok something nice
Hahaha, wth?

Kimkai: (: (: (: (: (: (: (:

Ashley: oi you what happen fainted ar?
Ashley: okay anot and xuan send you
I'm okayyy, thanks. Ask him to send Joey.

Patricia: Angry! Are you feeling better? Get well soon.
Yanting: Hellooooooooooo , how're you ? Hope you're fine now :D
Takecare of yourself pleaseeee .

Js: hey you all right ?
Valen: Girlgirl, you ok? Imy.

Jacqueline Ang: take care okay (:
I'm alright, thanks for all the concern !

Yanling: ok ... (: linked .. you oso link me ok (:
Lol. I don't link ;/

Pei Ru: angelinee! tracked you! haha. how're you??
so how's 3rd level lately. missed out so much.

Pei Ru: take care! :)
How'd you find me? Haha, I'm fine. You?
Yeah, bet 2nd levels been a whole lot of fun huh.

Cecilia: hello , baby . first to tag today . loveyou . anw , goodmorning :]
Good afternoon, baby:)

Psby: i think you and tracy look alike (:
Eh, I don't think so?:)

Isabel: But I guessed it right already eh. & good that you're feeling better now :D
Hahaha, ya la ya la. Damn smart. Can? Lol. Yeah, thanks belbel.

Jiemin: gucci, i really really miss you, and your hugs and kisses.
i feel so uneasy without sharing thoughts

Jiemin: with you :(
Gucci, I really miss you & your hugs and kisses too.
I've so many things to tell you. Maybe I'll write to you again.. soon.

Pb: You damn pretty but you are too fierce. No offence.
Thanks. Fierce? In what way? It's okay man.

Yanling: Pretty gal ... but fierce ? i agree .. hahahahaha .. miss you woe
Yanling: wor*
Wtf, I where got fierce !?!?:( Miss you too.

You can close your eyes to things you don’t want to see,
but you can’t close your heart to things you don’t want to feel.
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