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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jiemin: peek-a-boo! mornings gucci! read my reply last night?
Reply to my reply! :P today come back early!!!

Jiemin: SAKAE SUSHIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
Jiemin: i miss you, i love you gucci! :D
Jiemin: gucci, one day no see, I MISS YOU, ALOT :(

Silly girl, you know how much I missed you too?!
I've so much to tell you :( I love you too ! ♥

Cecilia: today we gg sushi ! must come back early :)
dont miss it . love you & misse

Cecilia: oh your tagbox is back . see you later . loveyou :)
I guess I'll have to miss it, I'll only be back by 6 plus .. :(
Love you too, baby.

Pei Ru: Oh. i was surfing blogs. lol.
2nd is kinda fun but wait till yenny comes back. -.-

Haha. I thought Yenny discharged already? :O

Reader: hi..think u will love this.
Haha, not really interested. But, thanks though.

Patricia: Sheng Qi ! re-link :D
Linked !

Ting : Dumbo. I M i s s Y o u ! behave inside uh (: Loveeeees
Hellokitty, I miss you too. You behave too alright ?
Awaiting your next hl ! Love you too ♥

Yingxuan: angeline , i really love you .
Huh? Who are you?

Ning: wanyi . cheerup :D
Thanks, you too:)

Mandy: Angeline! Tagged. (: Miss you. See ya soon if possible. Lol
Mandy: Ok linked! hahaha! Sure, text you must reply ah.
If i never text you thn you text me. K? (:

Mandy: See you real soon. Loveeeee.
I missssss you tooo ! & I'll definetely reply, no worries:)

Ashley: listen ice bell left right left right lol
Hahaha, shut up la:)

Ps, Watch out ! It's April fool's day, tmr ! :D
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