I'll give you my heart on a string,

Monday, April 6, 2009
I want someone who won't care that I never wear shoes,
that I'm incapable of staying still,
that I can't grasp the concept of cleaning,
& I refuse to be lady-like.
Someone who realizes that half the decisions I make, I regret.

I don't know why I'm posting this up.
But, highpill posted it up. So I shall too! Haw.

Shine: ;D see you really soon, b!tch.
I'm waiting for you to wake up nowwwww ! :)

Huimin: Yeap PHS de la. hahaha ! okay will text you soon ! so long din see you le la !!
Okay, I'll be waiting for your text !

Honwah: link me la! i link you, you never link back..
Mei bao: hi hi(: link me pls
Shirlene's: girl , link (:
I've linked all of you already.

Xav: haha. okok. anyway gt msn? take care
Sorry, I don't add people I don't know on msn.

Della: Get well soon (:

Yanfen: Link-ed! :D
Yanfen: Link me too okay! :D
Linked you alreadyyyy :D

Junaide.T: Hello , walao . i miss you ! Are you ok ?
I'm alright, I miss you toooooo !

Psby: in those pics do you have make up on
Psby: you look nice in specs very innocent
Passerby: You'are prettie((:
Yes, I've make up on. Lol, thanks:)

Ashley: cb my face like dog sia
Hahaha, abit la !

YannTing: Fine too (: Link me up too yea :D ! But you seems troubled .. Smile okay :D Get well soon too :D
YannTing: & during march holidays suddenly think of lower sec lifes then suddenly miss you Haha (:
Haha, I miss you guys too. I've linked you alrd. Thanks anw:)

Yanyi: hi
Deardear !

Guest: ur friend tracy fat ?
How about you?

Yuanyuan: Mummy , linked already (: Dont worry , i'll be fine de . Free then meet up (:

Jiemin: gucci, i miss you:)
I miss you too:(

Mandy: Faster sms me when you can meet me!! hahha. weekday or weekend?!
Mandy: miss you to the maxxxxxxxxxxxxx. LOL.
Weekend ! Misssssss yooooouuu toooooooo !

Passerby: what make up do you use ?
Depends on where I go, lol.

Serli: Ketamine, i linked you up already(: Big big love!
Big big love to you too, estacy !:)

Isabel: Good that your leg is ok [: Haha, I wanna grab that picture eh (:
High pill ! Grab it laaaaa. & Of course my leg is okay :)
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