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Saturday, April 11, 2009
Image heavy ! * Pictures not in order.

I had quite a good day today, despite not being able to meet up the two people that I wanted to meet the most. Lim Jie Min & Ashley Ee.

Had lunch with Tracey at Junction 8ight.
Collected my seg700 from it's repair, I missed it so much ! :S
Walked around a little after that, & caught the movie, Confessions of a shopaholic.
It was pretty much alright, quite funny at some point. Rate it 4/5 ☆.
Over to Amk to find Shaun, cos' it's his first homeleave :D
Met up with Joyce, Suyuan, Shaun, Botak, Samson, Alcus, Xiao Ben, Benben, Orlang & co.
& Home sweet home.

I'm dead beat now, goodnight peopleeee !
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