In your arms, I'd like to stay.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Will be heading back to gh later, awwwww.

"I'll be a good girl, I promise."


Ben: link le:D
Huh, which Ben are you?

Isabel: Tell me what? You everytime wanna talk to me or what, also never come tell me. How's your Homeleave?
Today go back talk to you alright? My homeleave's alright, yours?

Moon: link me nah :)

Tzehui: Hows your leg now? Better?
I took out the bandage already !

Ning: i really have fun la!! i miss you ? LOL!
Ning: you never post those pictures? hmmm
With Angeline around got no fun, then I'm not called Angeline alrd :X

Junaide Terng: Yehwanyi . I so good hor , call you ! (:
Lol. Ya la, ya la. Gan dong dao, can ?:)

Xiaorisse: aubrey did send ue . & she says that she misses ue a lot . ermms .
Xiaorisse: wan help me check if shona is still waiting for her ?
Okay, thanks. You're? Erm, I'll try to check with Shona.

Ashley: angeline,be careful your blog maybe will kena sue
Ashley: cause yanyi pictue too rabuk alreasy
Ashley: me and denley see liao jitao laugh our ass off the sofa
Stop being mean, Ashley!

Chocolate: i not only post. i even printed it out. OMG!

Jiemin: gucci, i love you! finally we had updated our pcitures ! :D
I love you too ! Yupyupyup :D
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