Ransom my heart,

Sunday, May 3, 2009
Prata house @ 7am.

Plain, egg, & cheese prata.

Years ago, I told you " I'll be here when you need me, I promise. "
& just to remind you, I still am.

Back to my crib to chill , then Kim Kai sent me down to bugis.

Met up with Jiemin & Wanyu !

Happy 9 months, (L)

Everyone has their own definition of best friends.
Well, here's mine.
Best friends means 2 people who share the same heart.
It means that they won't ever leave unless you ask
& , even if you ask, they probably still won't.

Shopped & planned for Ashley's birthday.

Bugis' new shopping mall. Suckzzzzz.

9 pckts of milk for my milk tea.



Wait for your invitation cardssss ! :)

The words 'I love you' and 'I miss you' no longer have a meaning.
They are used so often & apply to just anyone.
People usually remember the moments &
actions that people take to show the meaning of 'I love you.'
Words are just there to illustrate what is happening;
the true meaning is in the actions.

Powerhouse tonight?
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