Sunday, April 19, 2009
Lim Jie Min Gucci,
I know I promised to be a good girl. But being one, takes time.
It has only been a week. & to me, not using vulgarities is already the biggest achievement I've made so far.
It's not that easy, you know? I know you want me to change, but give me more time okie?
I still love you as much, though you always guailan with me & scold me ! Hehehe.
& I'm really really touched by what you tried to do for me just now.

Ser Li Lim Estacy,
Whatever your decision is, you know you'll always have us.
Just make the right choice and do what you think is best for you.

Isabel Lim Li Rong Highpill,
I read your post already. Thanks for the advice you're always giving me,
but shouldn't you apply it to yourself too? I want you to follow your heart too, babe.
Follow your heart, understand?

Fiona Lim Yun Ru Shang Xin,
It really hurts us to see you cry that way, yet, I didn't know what I could do to make you feel better.
You always tell me not to keep things to myself, but what are you doing ?
Whatever it is, whoever it was, you know we'll always be by your side.

Tabitha Wong Jie Jing Gou Gou,
I don't know why, but it seems like you've changed alot. And not only I've said that.
I really dislike this change in you. Can't you just go back to the 'gougou' you used to be ?
You're so different now, it somehow scares me.
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