Tuesday, April 7, 2009
Mandy: hah! Bottle pop very addictive! Quick sms me lea!!
Texted you back alreadyyyyy !

Pamela:'re linked :) link me tooo.

Isabel: Don't think so much alright? Talk to you at night, my dear [:
I know, I know. Talk to you on Tuesday :)

Ashley: are the best girl and sweetest friend i ever had.
Ashley: you so pretty until bangla see you want to take number
Ashley: and you so cute until people dont want hello kitty they want you on their wallpaper
Ashley: and really thanks for the picture you posted on your blog it's was so random and yet so so nice
Ashley: you are such a good photographer that maybe in the future you can take pics for famous model
HAHAHA. KANASAI LA YOU. But, sweet enoughhhhh. Hehehe !

Curious passerby: are you together with yunxuan ?
Ashley: curious passerby , why so kpo you want together with me not?
Eh, no -.-''

YannTing: Hahas Okay :D Hope to see you soon :D
Haha, see you too:)

Pb: you always look differnert
Huh, differnert? Different? o.o

Patricia: Angry! how are you ? feeling better ?! Please be more carful next time clumsy eh you. Imissyou !
I'm feeling much better already. Thanks, I miss you too !

Shine: lao niang wake up like 3 hours ago. texted you and now i'm waiting for your reply idiot!
Lol, I called & texted you. But you didn't replyyyyyy. Zzz.

Bonnie: linked YOU ;D tc yeah. stay crazy n pretty. LOL
Hahaha, okayyyyyyyy:)

Louisure: lol miss you too ! so hard to meet you man !
Sorry man. Wait for my homeleaveeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Pb: which pic u hav make up which one dont have
Pb: lyk no diff
Pb: D:
Latest post first two pic got light makeup (The one with Tracey) ,
Second two pictures (Alone) , no makeup.

Ashley: eh you want buy pampers?i now selling , support me k?buy for your sister or any baby cousin you have
Ashley: or you can buy for yourself too lololol
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