Sunday, April 12, 2009
Apologise for the late reply of tags.

Cecilia: baby , how's your leg le ? fine ! is a bandage or cast ? . missyou alot :'(
Cecilia: ok , good :) yeah . see you later
Oh, you will miss me ? Lol.

Jiahui: lovelove♥
Jiahui: i Miss You Bimbs ♥
I love you & I miss you too, bimbs ! ♥

Pei Ru: Hey! one weekend only your post so many! :O Had to scroll all the way down to find replies. -.-
Pei Ru: Anyway i also wan extended hl. Aiyah you dun need lahs. u gonna discharge already what.
Haha, behave yourself then you'll get extended.
It's okay for you what, you'all have so many privilleges.
I still have another 8 months to go. :(

Passer: you wait for people three year ah
Passer: don wait liao la
I didn't exactly wait ;/

Guest: why you so mani people want you want him if i you i confirm don want that guy
Lol, then that's you. Not me :)

Jiaxin: Link
Alright, link me too aye !

Kukujiao: xiao niang re laojiao! i love u!!!:(
Leonard: cheer up :)always love u la:)
Leeoonard: oi lao jiao i love her la:)
What xiao niang re ! :@ Thanks, kukujiaooooo ! :D
I know you love her *ahem ! *

Isabel: Waiting for you to come back la (: Yesterday story was.. ^^ Tell you once you come back. Loves :D
Isabel: Highpills, I really don't knowwhat to do la :/ Irritating.
Alright. I miss you, highpill. You know hor, you know hor... okay, I also go back and tell you ! Hehehe. Anw, Cheer up, silly.

Mandy: hahaha. why shag? you mean those emo post?!?! haha. ok text me or call me k!
Mandy: you said you want to tell me something! Quick contact me!! :D Dont make me xin yang yang. hahaha!!

Hahaha, I'll text you asap ! Sorry to keep you waitingggggggg ;/

LeeFong: Has been so long that we didn't meet up. Find one day meet up with me and fang alrights! (:
Yeah. We really should meet up soon.:)

Cherileen: whr do u buy ur clothing. hah
Everywhere ? Hahaha !

YanTing !: Helloo , tagged , and faster recover bahs :D

Recovering already ! :D Linked.

Adam: lol, my blog rot liao
Glad that you know -.-

Anon: how old are you?

Jiemin: gucci! sorry so long never tag you, cause dint get to use com. {you dint tag me neither :(}
Jiemin: i've been hearing the sentence "i'll be a good girl" since ?- (quite long ago)
Jiemin: i seriously hope you'll be out this week and we can carry out our outing as soon as possible!
Jiemin: Good morning gucci ! i really super miss going out with you, outing pls! Homeleave so dull :(
Jiemin: I love you many many gucci :D MUACKS !

Sorry too, gucci. This time I'll really try my best to be a good girl okay?:)
We WILL carry out our outing, I'm meeting you later ! Hehehe. I miss you alot too.♥

Tzehui: Hi angeline! :)
Hello Tzehui!:)

Guan: hi girl how are you ? (:
Hello, I'm fine. You?:)

Ser Li: Ketamine! imissyou, tmr when i'm out i will ring you up, i love you!(:
Estacy ! I miss you tooooooooo ;/ You didn't ring me, I don't want to reply your text ! Hahaha.

Lei Ting: laughing gas! imissyoutoo): faster come back from your homeleave to entertain us, we're so bored dow
Lei Ting: -n here being homegirls, zz
Hahaha, I know you miss me ! :X I'm coming back tmr, wait for me alright?:)

April Jane: Hello darling! I'm still blogging laaa, :D Link me lei! Love ya!
Hi hun ! You never link me ! I don't want to link you :(

Botak: hahhahahahahahaaa
Ha your head la, ha.:(
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