Still thinking of you,

Friday, April 10, 2009
And all the feelings that I thought were gone came rushing back to me all at once.
I tried to smile to hide how I felt but then, I realized,
I'm not gonna get over this one ...

Happy One Year, Chocolate :D

I'm on homeleave, again ! Shocked ?
Frankly, I was really shocked to hear that I actually had homeleave today.
I have an uneasy feeling though, I don't know why.
But anyway since I'm already home, I should stop thinking about it.

Denley Tan Yong Han,
See properly ! I didn't lobang you okayyyyy !
I said I will post, and I did :)
Anyway, cheer up & don't always think so much.
Drinking doesn't solve anything ! Let's all stop drinking ! ;/ Hehehe.
And concentrate on your studies ! I know you can do it , and I know you know it too :D
Jia you alright ! I'll be supporting you like how you always support me !
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