Stupid cupid stop pickin on me,

Monday, April 27, 2009
Don't tell me you miss me,
if you're not going to do anything about it.

Rearranged the pictures on my wall with a little help from Melvin,
but still not very contented with the outcome though. Tsk.
I need to print more pictures !

Was supposed to wake up early in the morning for a jog,
but that asshole couldn't wake up. Oh wells.

Luckily he woke up in time for lunch, and we headed down to Bishan.

Filled our tummy's & brought my G700 for repair cause it's giving me problems again ! :(
Home, aftermath.

mug, mug. Gotta complete my math homework & 500 word essay by today !
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Anonymous said...

Whr you bought your hello kitty shirt?

葉婉仪 said...

Which one ?