There're two sides to every story,

Sunday, April 26, 2009

{ I know my eyelashes are falling off ! ;/ Tsk. }

Despite the rush, I had quite a good day today.
Came out of Gh only at two cos' I wasn't allowed to bring homework home. ( !! )

Over to Bugis to meet Jiemin for shopping,

You can always tell when two people are best friends
cause they're always having way more fun
than it makes sense for them to be having.

Got a few things off our shopping list, like finally.

Met up with Ser Li as well,

Went our separate ways;

Over to Orchard to meet up with Stephanie Seah,
then down to Ang Mo Kio to meet up with Shine & Xiaobai.

Shine was supposed to accompany the both of us to the Mrt, but she left halfway ! Tsk;/

Down to Bishan to meet up with Melvin, & over to my place.

He helped me to clean up my room & even help me to cook ! Hahaha, my part-time mel-li-ah.
Thanks la bestie, * blows kisses * & stop looking at me blog ! :@

He keeps irritating me when I'm using the commmmmm. Angry ! ;/;/
Hahaha, it's almost 3. We've been talking non-stop since 9 !
Lol. This shows how much we have to talk about.
Plus, I haven't seen this asshole for more than a yearrrrrrrr.
We've so much to catch up on ! :)

Alright, Angeline is sleeepyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. *Yawns*
Goodnight people.
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