To love again,

Monday, May 11, 2009
I want a boy..
who would shove ice cream in my face.
who will wrestle with me.
who shows me off to his friends and family.
who treats me with respect.
who will call me at four in the morning,
to tell me he can't stop thinking about me
who sings to me, even if he can't.
who could break my heart
but wouldn't dream of it.


Cherie: yehhhhh hahah add me on msn okayyyyy. click name :>
Alright, added.

MRRUILONG: Hahahhas , who ? , what chao lao bin ?!!
YOu also chao lao uh ! Hahhaha!
Chao lao ye si mei you bi ni chao lao :D

zarrah: angeline!!! this is a reference to your post on the 27th of april.

zarrah: and yes i need some angeline medication...
my gosh i miss the girls frm your batch can...

zarrah: your tag board sucks...
it lets me type like only this amount of words...!!??

zarrah: i'm flooding your tagboard cos im bored...

You're crazy, Zarrah. I saw you
from my room window the other day ! Hee.

Passer-by: hello. you look sweet. hah.
may i know whr you got your brown bagpack? it look nice.

Hi, thanks. Huh ? What brown backpack ?
You mean the black one

Kimkai: ((:
Kimkai: i blog alr, :D
Kimkai: :(
Kimkai: 26th , got ok
Kimkai: *(:

Weiwei: Darl ! How are you ? (:
I'm fine.:) You ?

Isabel: Highpill, wo ye hao xiang ni.
Hope you move to BPC side, will be ok with ma la mian eh! Heh.

I guess I'm more or less okay with her alrd ? Ha. Imy.

adam: nice blog. read make me feel like crying haha.
miss you so much. alway messge you no reply.
Lol, why feel like crying !
I didn't recieve any messages from you eh ?

Pei Ru: Let's hope so, cos I don't actually see you everyday.
Pei Ru: But if you see me, keep your hands to yourself,
cos you're awfully "seductive"

I think I'll get to see you either today or tmr ?
What "seductive " ?! :(

BONNIE: haha! nbm luhs i know u r smart ;D
ur language good, maths will b ez to pick up (: jiayous girl !

I also think I quite smart eh ! Hahaha. Thanks babe.

stephanie ♥: will be back GH tomorrow . lollipops !! :D
Pop your head. Lol, see ya !

Zoey Tang(:: We miss you too , Angeline!:D
Lei Ting: laughing gassss, i miss you too!): hope you can come back here
Zaannneeeyyy Ai Ni //: We miss yuu too Angelineee :D You're linked ~
I miss all of you too !.:(
But I don't wanna go back thereeeee.;/
Rozanne, what's your link?

Mandy: I think i miss you abit, haha!!
Mandy: LOL! Miss me don't miss them ok..... Hugs* haha!
Mandy: Busted! :D Missing you nowwwww.
haha! Faster upload pictures. Call and msg me anytime, talk talk!:D

Mandy: you got edit ah the pictures? why become so nice sia!!
I tot our face oily oily one! LOL!!! loveee.
What? Miss me abit only? Cheyyyy !
Busted, I kinda miss you too.:)

I only edited the brightness.
Nice right, nice right, nice right ! Ha.

♥JIEMIN: HELLO GUCCI ! i missss you !
hope the plan tmr will work out! ♥♥♥
I miss you tooooooo.:) ♥

chocolate: i really dunno what's wrong here.
i'm sorry if i had show her attitude but about the old girl thing

chocolate: i just say for fun but didn't expect fiona
to treat it seriously. i dunno la.
Although it's true that Fiona's just a new girl,
but you didn't have to put it in such a way.

I don't know either. Try talking to your uno?

ps: u in private school?

Huimin: hey! thanks for coming down!. :D
No problem, happy birthday !.:)

BONNIE: hows exams? ;X hahaa

Valen: Girlgirl, I'm ROMing this year. Are you coming?
Depends if I've homeleave.
I'll definetely make time for your ROM.

MRRUILONG: Yes , Asolutely Hate this kinda SmallKids.
Lol really ? no la got lot's of fats.

Don't waste your time on smallkiddoozzzz. Tsk.

Patricia: Sheng qiii! Relax la , don't angry anymore kay.
Anyway, going out with you all was fun C:

Going out with you was fun too.:)
& Please don't wear long sleeve next time. Haw.

rong: u from ai tong primary one?
Yeah. You're ?
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