Happy 16th Bestf,

Sunday, May 10, 2009
Theme : White.
Bugis > Town > Dhouby Ghaut > Parklane > Home.

Mos burger for lunch,

Party shop for last min preparation,

As usual, balloons :D

Over to town to set up,

Waiting for the birthday boy to come,

Here he comes, finally !

Dare #1 ; Ask a random person to feed you the cake.

Dare #1 sucessful !

Dare #2 ; Tell a random person
" Today is my birthday, you want to sing me a birthday song ? "

Finally, someone sings him a birthday song.

Dare #2 sucessful !

Dare #3 : Find someone who has the same birthday date as you.

" Wah bth, I wanna kisiao alrd. "

" Why my sweet tear into half ? :( "


Swensens for dinner,

Surprise birthday cake,

Surpriseeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

So happy, smile until teeth gonna drop.

Make a wish,

Having a hard time blowing out the candles, and he is confused.

Because... we used relighting candles ! Heh.

Lastly, Happy 16th birthday again, bestf.
May all your wishes & dreams come true.

Ps / The text you sent me really put a bloody smile on my face.
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