I've come to realise,
that words, are meaningless.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Over to Elisha's place in the morning.
Slacked, talked, crapped.
Everyone was so tired, but still, laughter filled.
The rest of the guys left for Batam,
and we stayed for awhile more until Tracey got tired.
Then, Home.
Phoned with Elisha for almost 3 hours,
& woke up realising that we both fell asleep on the line. Haw.

Out with the family to Chinatown to have dinner.
Home to change, then Wee came over to pick me up.
Over to Tiong Bahru to meet Kendre, Shun Hong, Wei Wen & co.
Watched them eat as I'had already taken my dinner.
& Home.
What a boring Saturday!
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