Saturday, May 2, 2009
Baobei: lol aiai bo link .
Ohshimin: i thought you tagged me first. Click
Angela: rem me ?? link me up

Jiemin: hello gucci ! had fun with you today ! ;D
gotta go bed alr. love you!

Jiemin: probably we really acted like pl bahs ? (laughs)
anw, she's also not the first one to say that.

Jiemin: my friend also asked before...
see ya later gucci ! I MISS YOU ! :D

Jiemin: GUCCI, i love you :D
Love you too, gucci. & I miss you so much.
Will our plan still be carried out tmr ? .__.

Bonnie: no la i nv laser my dragon ! HAHA !
Cheyyyyy ! You write until like that, I thought you laser ;/

Mandy: Yea exactly! You realise that too! LOL.
Dont care la, we meet during your next homeleave!
Mandy: Or maybe after my exams alright!! Loveya many many!!

HEHEZZ, saw you tday alrd la. We needa meet up more often aye !

Isabel: Follow your heart, like what you tell me also :/
Haha, yeah. Of course our date is still on [:

Isabel: Our date is gone :( Sigh.
See la. Now you tell me, whose fault ?

Leeching: hihi:0 enjoys ur hm leave bahs
Lee ching: tag tag
Lee ching: bible lesson :} boing
$1, I miss you. So much :'(

Mrruilong: hahahah ! , yea & i miss playing with chocolate now alr LOL

Xiaoriise: so how was it? add me in msn yeahhs?
Eh. I doubt she's waiting anymore.

Pei Ru: Hey, but during this time you can post more about your life in gh.
Pei Ru: But when you're discharged gh will be nothing but just a miserable memory from the past. Smile girl.
I'm alwasy smilingggggggggggggggggg ! :D

Js: someone totally forgotten abt me !
I haven't forgotten abt you !!

Shine: why shine got no hearts ): nvm! see you on thursday/friday k! love you!
Thursday ? Friday ? I doubt I'll even get to see you. LOL.

Kimkai: 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , where have you been :(
To your place. LOLZZZZZZZZZZ.

Jacqueline Ang: helllllo xian . i left le :D take care~ misses
Didn't even get to baobao you before you go ! :(
I miss you saying you want to treat me
eat Kfc chicken cos you want me to grow fatttt. HEHE !

Denise: Why denise got no hearts too? Sucka.
Lol, Angeline ain't got hearts either. Suckerrrrrrrr.

Cherie: HI AHA HELLO :)
OMG, Cherie ? HELLOO !

Guan: i lost mine recently too :(
Huh, lost what ? Specs? :(

Chocolate: tag tag

Ahtea-nuer: Hello nuer;D,photo veri funny , nice ;DLUVS;DDD
Ahtea-nuer: HUh?! nuer my blog messy? :(
Ahtea-nuer: no uh , dun view by firefox, view by internal explorer ;D
It's still very messy eh. Papa, change your blogskin sua la ! :D

Iz(chec): hey!!~ tages~ remeber me? (Pui Pui) =x

Joann: damn it. ask urself lah.
I got draw lorrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ! Wahlau :(

Crystal: darling . loves yous . finally got to see you
Darling ! Yupppp, hehezz.
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