Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Laughing gas,
I know you don't want us to nag at you to come back,
but if you suddenly decide that you've regretted that decision, come back soon okay?
Consequences you have to bear, that's for sure.
The longer you're gone, the longer it's gonna drag.
Why not just deal with it once and for all?
Okay, I should shut up now.
But laughing gas, since this is your decision, I'll support you all the way.

Takecare of yourself out there.
You & I both know how scary this world can be.

ZT, you too okay !

Remember that I'm always just a call away !;)
Biggest luv to the both of you. XOXO.
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Lei Ting. said...

Laughing gasssss, i'm so touch! didn't know you'll actually blog for me. i know, we can't be running forever. but, we just hope that we can enjoy ourselves before we go in lo. like you've said, this world is scary. so we might not know, when, we just can't be outside anymore. so why not enjoy now right? we're sure about the consequences, so yeah.. i know you'll sure support us:D imysm lah!!!): see you really soon my dear:D biggest luvvv to you too and also, take good care of yourself okay!