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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Don't you hate the feeling when your throat hurts from all the tears you're holding back
& you can't control the words coming out of your mouth because there are just too many things you haven't said?
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Anonymous said...

Can i ask how you change your blog background? Ty.

BONNIE said...

passed by ~
oo u removed ur taggboard ,

Lim Jiemin said...

Gucci! send back bigbigbig LOVE ;D miss youuuuuu ;) today will be back late again :(

Kimkai said...

WA! you wanna kiss my arse a not sis? put my full name at the link LOL.

xx said...

Hey, may I know what's the first song you're playing on your blog? It's awesome! :)

Angeline ♥ said...

Anonymous, Oh just type the bg code into the html part. I hope that helps^^

Bonnie, Yeah. Decided to remove it. Thanks for passing by!

Kimkai, I think it's cute like that! Heehee.

Xx, It's 'Keeping me alive'. Yeah, I think so too ! Hahaha.

M-aine said...

girl. i miss you. takecare (:
& you didnt link me ):

Angeline ♥ said...

Maine, Oh, sorry. What's your link?