The most difficult decision I've ever made,
was deciding whether to quit or to try one more time.

Friday, July 10, 2009
Because everything just doesn't seem to go the way we want it to.

Silence is pressing in..
These are the moments in which our strength is tested, our past not forgotten,
but rather lingering in the not so distant shadows of one,
ready for the moment in which they are called and needed.
We've all gotten this far together, but in the end, we are all alone,
left with nothing but our hardships and the deafening silence telling us we can't..

I hear the silence play louder, and it hurts to believe,
But I can't not believe.. for that would leave me even more alone.

I was never one to think that everything happened for a reason..
Some things just.. are, and nothing anyone does can ever change that.

I see the night is darker than usual. Perhaps the light has heard the silence too.
For something that is so often praised, the light seems to disappear regularly.
I try to think back to a moment in which I trusted the tricky bastard, but I can't.
Maybe it's because the light has not shined around here lately.
It's too afraid of the silence, and I can't really blame it.

I look over to the cliffs and call those memories.
I look intently down below, closing my eyes, and inhaling the classical notes.
Silence, play your tune.
Silence, Where have you left me?
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