Thursday, August 13, 2009
Felt like shit in the morning. I guess it was the medicine taking it's effects? Hand tremor and fast heart beat. Puked, and just felt terrible. Thanks for taking care of me all you irritating people:P

School is always exciting with all these people around - Tracey Zanthel Deborah Leonard Braudon Kenta Wei Xiang Cai Bao Allan. They make the school a whole lot more fun. Those stupid pranks we play on each other, and running around like little kids. Those scared and embarrasing moments. Those laughter, and sad faces. How we can laugh till our tummy aches or our saliva spits. I guess no one else will understand how much fun we can have? These people make my life a whole lot brighter:-)

Tracey, Zanthel, Kenta, Allan, Cai Bao, Wei Xiang are coming over in 30 minutes, excited!
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