I won't forget the times that we had, so please don't be a part of my past.

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Dear diary, sorry for neglecting you the past few days.
I didn't have the vibe to blog, & I still don't but I'll try my best to come up with something.

My days have been revolving around the same group of people recently,
but for some strange reason, I don't feel the least bored when they're around.
Seems like I can never get enough of you guys ^^

On Thursday,
Visited Vivien, Walked Chocolate, Stargazing.

Over to town with Tracey yesterday, then headed down to NUH to visit Vivien.
Allan was supposed to come down as well, but as usual he was too late to make it in time.

Down to Zouk to surprise the guys later that night ! ^^

Ivan, Jeffrey & Allan,
The drink they're holding is called Snowwhite & the seven dwarfs or something, it's damn gross :(


Allan, Jeffrey & Tracey,

Allan & Ivan,

Home sweet home after filling up their stomach's.

Bumped into the guys downstairs & look at G ! Cheer up you little dwarf.

Whoa, this post is so much longer then I expected it to be :O
Alright, gonna catch some sleep now before going out to meet the guys for a movie later.
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