Our Special Day,

Friday, October 2, 2009
From diapers to thongs,
from scraped knees to broken hearts,
from tea parties to formal weddings,
from cookies to hickeys,
from barney to laguna beach,
from bows to eyeliner,
from A to Z,
you've been by my side helping me through everything.

It's the 2nd, which marks the 14th anniversary of our friendship. After all that has happened, you're still the only one who understands me inside out. I appreciate everything little you've done for me. From trying to understand me, nagging me to study, and giving me all those little surprises. & I want to thank you for always pulling me back to you no matter how far I run. My best friend, till the end<:
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Jiemin said...

Thank you gucci. I love you. (Ya, you know.) LOL.