Who are you to judge the life I live?

Thursday, October 15, 2009
I know I'm not perfect and I don't live to be,
but before you start pointing fingers,
make sure your hands are clean.

I know that it's been really tough being my friend, trying to always put a smile on my face, trying to just make me happy. I know it can be really frustrating when everyone else around (even me) tries to bring you down just because you treat me too well. I always thought from the start, it was all your fault for being so mean to me in the first place, that you deserve all that. Everytime you tell me how much I mean to you, I always thought it was just for fun. I'd never expected you'd do so much for me. And when everyone else decided to walk out on me, I thought only Jm would stay. What surprised me was, that you did too. We had countless amounts of conflicts, but still you never failed to lend me your shoulder to cry on or your listening ears when I need them. No matter how mean I used to treat you, how I'd do everything just to irritate you, you still stood by me. I promise I'll be here for you whenever you need me. Always remember that I'm just a call away.

Lastly, I want to tell you that, your blog song is damn irritating becos' the girl keeps screaming. HAHAHA.
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Stephanie Seah said...

haha, damn GAN DONG OKAY? haha
okay i'll change the song.