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Monday, November 9, 2009

"When you go to bed & he's all you can think about,
you know you're falling in love."

Just came home from rollerblading with Allan & Ivan @ Ecp. Even though it was just for a few hours and we did nothing much, you guys never to make me smile x10000000000000 with all your silly actions & jokes.

Yesterday, Gf & Jw came over to my place to get some stuff done. After they left, headed over to Marina Bay to wish Wayne a Happy birthday. Then down to Cine to catch the movie "Jennifer's body". The movie wasn't as nice as I expected it to be, and I didn't know it was a horror show! Tsk. Ivan & I even fell asleep halfway ;/ Over to Mc'ds after the movie to chill & home. Love came over to sleep for awhile before heading home.

D, I'm sorry I couldn't make it to your chalet. I hope you had fun though. Happy birthday, idiot ! ^^

I need someone who can keep up with me.
I want someone aggressive, someone who pushes me to my breaking point,
someone who makes me just want to scream.
Someone who will tell me I'm not always right, and make me apologize.
I need someone to set me straight,
because no one else has ever cared enough to try.

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