Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Celebrated halloween @ science center on Saturday. Entered the "haunted mansion" like 6? 7? times. Even I wasn't afraid! But the setup and all was pretty good though. Coincidentally, saw dearest's friends there acting as the "ghosts". It was hilarious ! On Sunday, we volunteered at the Chesire Home For The Disabled. Learned alot of things, and I even got owned in chess by one of the residents there. Tsktsk :< I guess I'll have to buck up on my chess skills ^^

Anyhow, the holidays are approaching, I've got so many plans lined up. From playing basketball, to ice-skating. From picnic, to Christmas shoopping. Yikes, I am so excited ! :D

HP, I'm glad I got to see you this morning before you left. Frankly, I was really surprised and touched to recieve a letter from you. Since the very first day I knew you, all you did was to observe me. Secrets I hid for years, you took one glance to find out. Things I refused to say, feelings I tried to hide, you'd always have your way to find out. Although I refuse to tell you anything and always tell you how irritating you are to prob into my problems, I'd like you to know that you made me learn many valuable lessons and that you play a really big part in my life. I will miss you and all your nonsense.
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