Sunday, November 15, 2009
Decided that it'd be a day out with just 3 of us. And for the first time, I wasn't the one who planned anything! The two silly boys decided to surprise me but failed miserbly. Haha, joking. I'm really very very touched that you guys even bothered to surprise me, & frankly, I was a little stunned, I just didn't know what reaction to give ! Yada yada, I've alr said what I wanted to say in the text. Went to many places that only the three of us know :) Even though we were basically slacking around Singapore, you guys still made my day. And I want you two to know that, like what happened, if anyone of us happens to be lost along the way we'd akways be here to help each other out. Although you guys can really be a pain in the ass sometimes;/ Luv y'all^^

Pictures up another time, my darling lappie is with love.
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