& Sometimes I smile just to keep people from asking "What's wrong" ?

Monday, November 23, 2009
Well, it's been helluva week. Have been having dance practice every single day, how tiring. I fell down on Thursday & couldn't walk properly. Thank God my leg's better now.

Webcammed with Turtle on Friday,

& look who he brought along with him !

Had steamboat @ bugis on Saturday with Tracey Leonard Braudon Eric & Caibao. Sadly, the rest had stuff coped up so they couldn't join us. Still, I enjoyed myself even though all we did was to eat and talk and eat and talk and eat and talk.

Caught the movie "My girlfriend is an agent" later that night with Tracey Kenta Caibao Zanthel Mingkai & Ivan. Weekends aren't the same without Turtle & Remus. None of us even bothered to talk much when we met, none of us knew what to say. For the first time, we headed straight home after the movie.
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