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Thursday, December 17, 2009

I finally discharged from Gracehaven, but frankly, I'm not as happy as I expected myself to be. For two years, this was the day I've been waiting for, but I don't know why now I'm not so certain. I don't know if I should laugh or cry. I've learnt so many things & have alr gotten used to living there. I used to wake up every morning and grumble about how packed our day would be with all the activities they would've lined up for us, but now, I wake up with absolutely no idea who I should call, where I should go and what I should do. There is nobody who would wish me goodnight & goodmorning and give me a kiss or hug, I can no longer have any heart-to-heart talks with the girls as & when I feel like, nobody would tell me to bathe together with them or write diaries together, no one to play around with. Well, all of this officially ends today. And no matter how much I complain about the place sometimes, I'll miss it. But no matter how much I'll miss it, I promise myself to not do anything stupid again^^

Enough of all that. Anyway, I did my nails & dyed my hair yesterday. It's light brown and kinda orangey, I don't like it :( Super regret dyeing it, oh well. And my nails are super long & pink & girly. I haven't had long nails in two years, oh dear. Gonna remove them soon, tsktsk!
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Jie Min said...

Coooool post gucci! Faster remove your damn long nails! Else you'll be replying me one letter text! I dont like! Plus i also dont want ivan reply! So remove it ASAP! hahaasss! Congrats gucci! Your long waited day has arrived! But it's kinda sad toos, we lost all the crazy funs!!! ;( You can call me when you wake up to greet me morning! I'll wish you good morning & good nights as long as you love me! HAHAHAS! ^^ flying kiss & hugs for you tooos!!~ Actually, I miss Gh toooos!! /: