Monday, January 4, 2010
Right now, I still wonder how,
I keep asking myself, "Am I dreaming?"
We two, it's just me & you,
you have given this song a new meaning.

Time check : 7:34 AM

Currently waiting for Bb to get home before I turn in. Ugh, it's such a bummer having no one to tuck you into bed at night. But, oh well.

've been so lazy to update recently. I cannot stop thinking that school is starting in exactly a week ! Whoa whoa, don't misunderstand me. I'm not the least dreading it, in fact, I'm really excited & hyped up about it. This year I'm gonna have to work super duper extra hard though.

Anyway, how did you guys spend your new year? Well, I spent my new year having steamboat @ Allan's.
After that, we went to East coast to have Carls jr. Omg, I'm such a glutton! Tsktsk :@

Oh, I almost forgot about this ! New year resolutions !
Though it always doesn't work out but I'm still gonna write it down here, so at least I'll have an aim & try to stick to it.
Don't be late for school, get homework done on time, no more vulgar language, spend more time studying,
stop taking cab everywhere, stop buying random stuff, save money.
Okay, I guess that's about all?

Omg, it's 8:30AM alr !!! Gonna turn in after I hang the phone with Bb.
Goodnight earthlings ♥
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