There's a time & place for everything. There's a reason why certain people meet. & There's a destination for everyone.

Thursday, December 24, 2009
Bishan > Novena > Orchard > Somerset > Toapayoh

Initial plan was to ice-skate with the guys, but as usual the guys were late so Deb & I decided to go shopping instead. Spent so much more then we expected :< I don't like! But anyway, I'm still really happy with my loots. Looking at em' just makes me wanna smile. Teehee. Also, I had a good time talking things out & catching up with her. I'm glad everything's cleared up & cool now. Feels so much more comfortable. ^^

Faith, you're driving me away.
You do it every damn day.
You don't mean it, but it hurts like hell.
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