Words can wound, and wounds can heal.
So I would prefer if you say something other than silence.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Been down with a fever since yesterday, but I guess I'm more or less better already?
The guys are at the gym now, seriously wonder what kind of workout they're doing. Haha!

Anyway, spent my Saturday night catching a movie, as usual. Caught the movie "Couples retreat". It was pretty hilarious.

More pictures from Friday,

Ah, I need to do something to my hair like seriously. It's getting on my nerves, I'm getting so bored of it. How long 've I been stuck with this hairstyle?! Oh dear. Problem is, what should I do to it? It's neither long or short, so irritating ! Oh well, suggestions? Anything!

Time for my facial mask now ~~~~~~
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