Friendship isn't being inseperable,
it's being seperated & knowing nothing will change.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We're always so caught up in our own lives, I never really spared a thought for you. I always expected you to come down and find me, expected you to put in an effort, when I never really did. I promised so many things, but I was never able to do it. You never blamed me for everything and told me that it was never my fault. You never fail to make me smile when I'm down, or just be there for me. I never expected to find someone as beautiful & wonderful as you. God, I'm glad I found you. If only you were here, things would be different now. I miss you.
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Lim Jie Min ♥ said...

Thanks Gucci. That's a very very sweet post! Of course i wont bear to blame you for anything silly. It's Good friday next week, 'll you be free ?