Monday, March 1, 2010
So, here I am. Back from rushing to paragon to get an iphone, daddy in boxers & me, in fbt's & zero makeup. Everyone managed to get their iphones, except me. Kinda upset becos' I was the only one who wanted it at first. Well, too bad for me since I just changed my phone less than half a year ago, and m1 forbids me to get a recontract. I guess I'll guess have to wait.

Next is the dslr. Hopefully, the it fair won't dissapoint me.

I am gonna go to sleep tonight, thinking about why I didn't get an iphone 6 months ago and got psychoed to get an e71 instead. Me iz unhappyz, goodnightz.
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Lim Jie Min ♥ said...

It doesnt matter what phone you're using gucci! As long as you can contact your love ones! Cheer up gucci! Hope you get your DSLR soon! I'm missing you! <3

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