Week; In a glance

Friday, May 27, 2011
This week has been rather hectic. Hardly had anytime for myself or the boy at all :(

1. Been working on a project with a friend & praying that everything goes really smoothly!
Running around from places to places, contacting people, making sure everything's in order.
Doesn't sound like much but really, it's draining all my energy away :(

2. Visited Rong in ttsh.
3. Kendre finally gave birth to lil bb Shayne! Mad adorable!

4. Stayover @ Gladys with the boys.

5. Lil bro's been sick for a couple of days so I've been trying my best to look after him.
Cooking dinner, feeding him medicine and what not.

6. Zirca.
Wanted to give it a miss this week but the girls kept pestering me & since I haven't seen them in awhile.........

7. Damn upset cos my package from whatisdope went missing!
It's my first encounter with lost mail so I've no idea what I should do?!

Thank goodness the weekend is coming though, can't wait to see dearie and hug him. Hehe :3
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Anonymous said...

Whatisdope I bought from before. The package either come and the whole envelope damn cui and takes a seriously long time to come -_-

Unknown said...

Exactly, my previous package was pretty screwed up too and they always take more than a week to come. Even though I always order from her, I'm quite upset over her poor service :(