Wednesday, November 16, 2011
Yesterday, at work, a colleague was telling me that she read online about
a boy who went to a bbq and stared too long at the charcoal and his contact lens melted???
Resulted in him going blind???
So... I came home and googled it. Source: X
And thank God I think it's a hoax???

She also told me something about a lady tearing out her cornea
while removing her lenses after wearing them for 10 hours.
So... I googled it as well. AND IT IS TRUE. Source: X

Frm tday onwards, I'm gna count the hours I wear my lenses.
So expect to see more of me in specs :( I look rly horrible but, my eyes are so much more precious..

To everyone who wear lenses, it is recommended to only wear them for 8 hours max.
Our eyes are rly rly precious so pls pls thank good care of your eyes :(
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