The feeling I thought I'd forgotten

Sunday, November 20, 2011
It's been awhile since I crossed the border & spent my weekend away from our little sunny island.
With only an hour of sleep, we rushed for the coach & left for our road trip @ 6AM.

Our first stop was a bee farm!

Was really freaked out at first, but it's actually really interesting!
We also visited the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
(All their furniture & items were sooooo intricately carved. SOOOOO BEAUTIFULLLLL. Sadly, pictures weren't allowed in there :[ + it was the place "My Little Nyoya" was filmed at!! ),
Christ Church
 (Tomb's are buried beneath the church & you can actually see the tombstones on the floor once you step in),
Jonker Street
(Since we didn't stay thr till late we didn't manage to see the night market but basically it's something like Bugis Str),
I can't rmb the names of the other places we went to :/
 BUT if you go to Malacca you've got to visit the Baba Museum!
Was pretty grumpy that day and the poor boy had to put up with me despite having a hangover... 
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