Saturday, December 31, 2011
Yesterday will never be what today is and what tomorrow will be.

2011 is finally coming to an end & alot of people (on my twitter timeline + fb news feed) have been saying that hopefully, next year will be a better year. I really hope so too. But don't we all say that every year?

This year, I came to realise that in order to make things work we can not just hope. We can't just sit and wait hoping that things will magically be the way we want it to be. We need to work hard to achieve what we want. At least, for me.

It has been such a tough yet wonderful year for me. Contradicting as it may sound, there are always good and bad times, no? For all those who've been saying you've had a really bad year, Y U NO THINK POSITIVELY? I'm pretty certain there were good days too!
My family's been really caring & supportive of me throughout, as always. Even if things aren't going the way it should be right now, and we have fights & quarrels from time to time but which family doesn't?
Feb 2011
Dec 2011
I've had the most wonderful boy, ever. Swear he's probably the closest to a fairytale I'll ever have. I'm not very good with words, but to put it shortly he has always always always been there. Even when I get really grumpy (which happens 9/10 of the time) he puts up with me, and never ever tries to pick a fight (EVEN WHEN I TRY TO MAKE HIM TO) He's the only person I've ever been with in a year that I can actually count the number of times we fought WITH ONE HAND. Obviously, not counting senseless arguments and me getting all crazy. Even when I'm a pain in the ass & least deserve it, he still tries his very best to give in to me. The only problem I have with him is... he likes to irritate me. ALOT. I've never been so annoyed yet happy at the same time. LOL.

Also, without all my friends who've been really supportive, encouraging, motivating and being there for me, I wouldn't be where I am today. (Not that I'm in a very good position now, but at least better than I was in the past few years)

My new year resolutions would be to try my best to work hard & achieve my goals, to be more patient & understanding, to stop being so temperamental, to be persistent & consistent in everything I do.

& Before 2011 ends, I want to thank y'all for everything y'all have done for me.
Blessed New Year!

Xo, Angeline.

P/s Couldn't upload many photos cos my lappy is being a pain :(
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