Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Sometimes, I wish I had someone I could really rely on. Y'knw someone who'd never fail to be there no matter what. Someone who'll comfort me, and despite all the obstacles we have to face... will still be there. Not by just words, but someone who despite all your flaws and tantrums, see through your facade. Someone who understands, or well, at least try to. It's so funny, what they tell us in fairytales, what we grew up thinking things would be, would never happen in real life. Fairytales will only be in storybooks & life...  It's so complicated. Why'd God create us knowing that we'd have to grow through so much pain? Why'd God create us as one knowing we'd feel so alone? It puzzles me so much. Every other day, I question my existence here. Why am I here? What am I doing here? Should I even be here?

I've always believed that not talking about my problems & avoiding them will eventually make it go away, but eventually, everything comes chasing after you and you have no where else to run.

I hate to admit this but... I... feel... so... lost.
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