Monday, February 13, 2012
The pain in my heart/chest needs to go away. I don't want to stay home and waste my days away. Boohoo.

Fell asleep right after taking my meds & I'm up again. I hate it when this happens. Makes me feel like stuffing myself with meds just so I can fall asleep. I can feel my health detoriating day after day. Somehow, it doesn't scare me. I mean, everyone has to go someday right? I refuse to admit in the hospital not because I don't want to nurse myself back into the pink of health, but I don't see the point.

If I'm sick, I'm sick. Staying there wouldn't make me any better, no?
If I have to go, I have to go. Staying there wouldn't make me live longer, no?

Ok... Maybe I'm just afraid to stay in the hosp becos it scares me... :'(

Anw, on a happier note... Guess who came to visit today? :)
Might not have shown it, but I am... very thankful. At least I felt the effort.

Feeling really hungry & craving for sushi right now but it's 3:24AM and there aren't any sushi places I know of that are open? Anybody knows any??? Tummy is growling away, gonna ransack my kitchen for food now! Hehe

P/s I am not dying. LOL. Just... a little unwell recently.
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