Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We fought, long & hard enough.

And just because I let you go, doesn't mean you no longer mean that you don't mean anything to me anymore.
You do. So much.
More than anything or anybody else.
But I guess, along the way, we got way too comfortable with each other. 
Along the way, we just stopped trying.

We stopped sharing, stopped talking.
We no longer had proper conversations.

Maybe, it's just me.
I got frustrated most of the time.
I expected. Too much.

I lost myself trying to get to you.
I guess, I lost you too.

Now, here we are, standing at crossroads thinking if we should give up on this or not.
Thinking if all we had was worth the pain.

But, this is it.
I'm done.

I'm tired.
Tired of all the sleepless nights,
tired of the insecurities.

I tried.
Maybe, just maybe, I wasn't good enough for you.
I couldn't make you smile, couldn't make you happy.

They say, "if you love someone, set them free. If they come back to you, you were meant to be."
Right now, here I am, setting you free.

Till we meet again.
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