Saturday, June 2, 2012
I literally felt my heart sink when I finally made up my mind to walk out of that room once and for all.
I've never felt so certain about leaving.
But that, was the last straw.

Only reason I held on was becos I used to be happy going to work.
Work was probably the only time I really felt happy. It used to feel... like a family.
Right now, what's become of it?

Everyone used to seem so happy, and everyone always seemed have each others backs.
For the past couple of weeks, all I saw was everyone getting so stressed up over everything.

I always had this in my head, "We grow as a family"
Well, it doesn't mean shit now. It just doesn't feel like one. Not anymore.

So many things have changed, so many people have came & gone.
Maybe, just maybe, change is for the better. And need I remind myself that change is only constant?
Then again, what good is change if it makes everyone unhappy?
What's the point of asking for our opinions when you don't plan on doing anything/ no compromise is done?

There are so many things I want to say out here, but I guess it's pretty confidential?

I know everyone has their own problems. In or out of work, and I'm not one to judge.
Still, certain things should & shouldn't be said. Jokes, should only be made at the right time.

I've to admit that I have honestly never felt so upset leaving a job :'(

How long has it been since I ranted like this?
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