Monday, June 18, 2012
Past 48 hours has been the most exhausting I've ever been in months.
But boy, I gotta say I love impromtu decisions. It brings excitement to a whole new level.

Decided to have a non-alcoholic night (like, finally!) 
since E and I were both still having a little hangover from the previous day. The boys came along as well. 
Caught the movie "The Dictator" I loved the movie! Couldn't stop laughing.
Finally managed to meet up with the BFF for awhile. Haven't seen her in ages :( 

Wanted to sheesha but all the shops were closed so, over to CMB!
Sung all the way till 6-ish? & J randomly said "Let's go to the zoo"
I thought he was kidding so I brushed it aside. Until he said... "We'll go at 7" And I was like "7AM OR PM?!" He replied, "AM. Now"
He sent all of us home, one by one, waited for all of us to get prepared and drove us there. Can't imagine how tired he must've been...

We were all so tired, we were literally dragging ourselves around the zoo. Really enjoyed myself there tho.
Can't wait to develop the photos we took thr!

Was craving for beancurd so we headed over to Old Airport Road! YAY!
Personally, I feel that 51 tastes so much nicer than Laoban's :(

"Worry about your character, not your reputation. Your character is who you are, and your reputation is only what people think of you."
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