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Thursday, August 30, 2012
I finally have the time to blog a proper post since I'm on mc today! Sick girl :(

Apologise for the lack of updates & random posts recently. Blogpress has been sucha bitch, thus I was unable to update this space on the go. Been pretty busy lately, as usual, but life's getting better. Surprisingly!

If I remember correctly, this was approx two weeks ago...
Weekly routine with the girls: Breakfast & Gym training

Headed over to my friend, Keong Lee's, new food store.
One of the best Oyster Omelettes I've ever had!
If you're interested, it's located at Blk 848 Yishun Str 81.
It's called "One stop favourite" IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY.

Here's me, bored at work & testing out the new app I downloaded!  
DIPTIC. It's around $1.28? I think? Just jailbreak your phone if you haven't alr so you can get it free! 
I personally find it a waste of money to buy apps :|
Trying to keep my diet as healthy as possible to maintain my weight. If you follow me on twitter (@xoangeline) you'd alr know that I gained 4kg in a span of one month :( So... I've been having subway for most of my meals since it's fast & healthy. NOMZ 
Craving for it now as I'm typing this. Le sigh. WHY AM I SUCH A GLUTTON?!
Taken while I was on the company transport on the way home! 
Dinner with Tiffy! Been years since we caught up with each other. Used to be really close back in PHS days.
And being really sweet, we bought me cosmetic lenses from BKK! x
First time wearing the contacts Ohan bought for me! Realised my friends are always buying contacts for me, I haven't bought my own contacts in over a year! 
Teehee, love love! 

Cephas reading manga in the meeting room & happy hippo from the colleagues!
Never know they sold these. SO CUTE!!! 

They never fail to put snacks right in front of my face & tempt me with them despite knowing I'm very upset about my weight gained :( 
Right after I give in to temptation, they'd say "HAHA NO WONDER YOU SO FAT"

$7 curry rice. Albeit a little pricey, it is really good! 
Crispy Noodle
Fried rice
Drunken prawns
Vegetable curry
Royce Green Tea Flavoured Nama Chocolates, FAV!
Part of my family :) 
An old dress I found & decided to pair it with highwaist denims since it was a casual day. So glad I didn't throw this away with my other clothes!
Took a stroll at the park after our family dinner the other day. Been awhile.
Finally wore the baroque romper I got last year!
Random outfit I put together in 10mins cos I was ALMOST late for my transport to work, phew~
Taken from the rooftop of my office building
I personally think the rainbow version of the sunset is nicer but most of my friends commented that v2 looks better. WHY?! :(

My cousin, Rachael, is selling AUTHENTIC My Little Pony keychains/dustplugs!
You can check them out here or email here @ for more details!

& Because,

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"


Sunday, August 26, 2012
Little sis posted this on my fb & IT'S NOT OPENED YET BUT I WANNA GO SO BADLY :( 
Anybody? Somebody? Take me there?

Tickets are alr available for purchase & there is a deal on groupon for only $39.90!!!
Sunday, August 19, 2012
Desserts @ Dessert bowl before heading over to Mink on Wed!
Pardon my face in the pix pls, I know I look rly rly rly reddddddd & horrible :(

Been almost two months since I last clubbed & I had a little too much that night but it was alot more fun than I had expected! Even spent the night with the most unexpected people & I'm actually rly glad I did :)
Happy happy night even though I ended up with a slight hangover the next day, boo hoo. 
Last Monday,
I was preparing to head to bed when my phone rang, 

 "Hello, are you at home?" 

 5 mins ltr, outside my window 
 "Angeline, Angeline..." 

 Next thing I knew, I was on the cab on the way to Jurong... AT 3AM. 
The boys got their stuff and we headed for Sentosa! AND YES, AT 3 FREAKIN' AM
Was so tired but I was really happy to see & spend some time with them. 
Been awhile since we caught up with each other.
Y'all rly made my day :)

You need to know

Saturday, August 18, 2012
"I'm not gonna tell you that I can't live without you, because I can.
I just don't want to."

Caught in the middle

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Split the bill, share the fault

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If truly we are sorry.
We wash our hearts clean
And try to remember 
The first time we looked into each other’s eyes.
If truly we are forgiving.
We pluck the angry seed from our hearts
And toss them onto infertile land;
Home to only enemies and hostile relations.
If truly we are tired.
We help each other up
And take turns to carry each other’s burdens.
I will still stop to wipe the sweat off your brows.
If truly we are in love.
We are sorry, forgiving, helpful
And never forget the times
When we used to say so.
If truly we are in love.
We do not act like we are not.
Even when we let down or disappoint,
Or even when we are hurt and cry.
We train ourselves instead.
To fight the demons we once befriended
For the sake of a little easy pleasure.
We beg ourselves instead.
To leash retaliatory gestures 
And look towards the shine that beckons.
Despite the bad habits, bad timings, bad decisions, bad lies, bad accusations, bad verbal abuses, bad gossiping, bad vengeance, bad impulsiveness, bad selfishness. Some things never change.
Love has turned us both schizophrenic. We love with hateful ways. We hate with lovely intentions. It is a frightening world to be in. Look where love has brought us. Look at how love has made us mean and hurtful. I think we have understood love the wrong way. Somewhere along we forgot what it really means to be in love with each other. At the end of the day I haven’t forgotten the you whom I first met. The things you did to hurt me were probably a result of the things I did to hurt you. And the same goes vice versa. It’s a dead knot, this vicious cycle, and the source is impossible to find. Shall we forget about finding. Let’s cut the knot and try again.    
Nothing has changed inside. I still love you. 
"Some feelings are so subtle they exist like a sand coloured snake slithering across the desert. Go, going, gone, like a warrior. I cannot figure if he symbolizes strength or loneliness. Bravery or a blind resolute. Can one possess determination without a direction? Life is meaningless if all they want to do to you is to slit your guts open and drink up your pathetic still-beating heart.
You really don’t know true sadness until you feel excited at the thought of throwing your head against gravel. "
"Do you sometimes regret having to be who you really are?
A little, but I figured it was safer to try to like myself.
But what about the desire to be good in ways that other people are and that you are not?
I don’t know… Can you even put a number to that? If no then you might die trying and having accomplished nothing.
Why do you spend so much time struggling?
Because the worries come to me.
And you cannot cast them away?
No because they talk to me and I hear them all the time.
Don’t people get afraid of you?
Of how much my mind is a whirlpool of blackness? And that there is no visible bottom?
Yes, I think they do.
Do you know how to love, or what it is?
I try my best but I don’t think I have succeeded yet.
You should consider the fact that you are too burdened for the good of the people around you.
Why should it concern them?
Well, because nobody likes to deal with people like you. It’s tiring. And bothersome.
Why not… I try my best to be good.
Maybe because it’s not a question about being good or bad. Maybe you were just born empty.
Possible. But how do I tell?



"Some people are better off not smiling 
because when they do it is obvious to the world that their hearts are little metal cubes.
And there is a certain type of unhappiness that stays untouched yet breathing.
Like the last bit of water at the bottom of a deep well.
Too cold to evaporate, too slippery to catch.
Can you try to remove it?
No, you can’t."
Monday, August 13, 2012
Baby baby steps...
Finding my way back...
How is it possible that one person can make you so upset yet so happy all at the same time?
Time check; 4:40PM. I've to be up in a couple of hours but here I am, still awake at this time. Trying to sort out my thoughts, feelings & emotions. My eyelids are so heavy yet for some strange reason, I can't fall asleep.

Matters of the heart; they make your emotions go off like a roller coaster ride & your thoughts, run so wild it's scary.

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1. Hellokitty poker chip from X
Out of nowhere he suddenly threw something at me, and I was like "WTF X?!"
And he went... "It's for you"
"Hehehehe, keep it safely"

Very very rude. But thank you anyway... Hehe ^^

2. Swiss Prawns

3. Creamy Butter Crab 
Ahhhh, my love for crabs will never die... Never never ever...

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