Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Happy birthday Braudon & Zanthel! xo

This entire week has been filled with birthdays, and it's only the first week of August! Really glad I got to meet up with almost all my most favvvvv people in the world (minus one *insert sad face*) They've been with me through the good & bad times. Never gave up on me no matter what. I AM ALWAYS REPEATING THE SAME THING, I KNOW I KNOW!!! But y'all have no idea what all of them mean to me!!! Those are the boys I tell my deepest darkest secrets to, the boys who'll always give in to me NO MATTER WHAT. Wtf. CAN'T BELIEVE I'M SAYING THIS BUT I CAN BE SO HORRIBLE AT TIMES & THEY STILL TRY THEIR BEST TO BE PATIENT WITH ME. Thinking about everything they've done for me just makes me feel... so overwhelmed with emotions. I love y'all. Truly, truly, truly :') x
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